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Side Guide System

Product Description:

1, Side Guide Hinge is unique in construction. Compared to other suppliers’ Friction Hinge, it is with much Higher Loading capacity and longer life cycles. It is very safe since it has been entirely engaged into profile. The top hinge alone hangs the sash with 80KG during Drop test.

2, the air tightness is very good thanks to the construction of the “Delta Design”.

3, Sash can be adjusted both in Height and in width direction.

4, Gear Box is made of stainless steel SUS 304 . it is built in self-locking function.

5, The fittings are convenient and efficient to be mounted thanks to the construction. and not necessarily to break the wall of profile.

6, noise of espagnolette travelling is reduced by silicone rubber.

Technical Data:

1,Max size of the sash can be 1.2m in width and 1.8m in height . up to 80 KG of loading capacity.

2,Adjustment in Height is +/- 2mm, in Horizontal direction +/-1.5mm . precision of Air tightness is +/- 0.3mm.

3,The projecting distance is 160mm. thus, it is very convenient to clean windows.

4,insect screen can be open 90 degree or 165 degree by choosing the 2 different hinges.

5,The gear box travel 17mm, the back set varies from 10mm, 12.5mm,15mm 20mm,25mm ,30mm and 35mm.

6,Stainless steel Mushroom strikers and receivers can resist 350KG on one single points and reaches RC 2 for burglar test.

7,Many options for Handles . in function, we provide handle with console , Handle with concealed Console . in material stainless steel , Zinc Alloy and Aluminum.

8,The system fulfill the RC 2 burglar test. System fulfilled the life cycle test, and corrosion resistance test targeted for 35 years of life time. i.e. 25000 cycles with 80KG of loading according to EN1191 . SST 500 hours according to ISO 9227 .

Side Gyide System with Insect Screen: