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About us

With the invitation of setting up a hardware production for DOVISTA A/S, STAFORCE was established in 2010. DOVISTA A/S, whose sister Company VELUX A/S, is well known as the marketing leader of the window and door industry in Scandinavia. As a hardware supplier and outsource R&D Dept, STAFORCE starts out in the Hardware Market based in China.

STAFORCE is a company that specializes in Innovating and producing a complete range of fittings for windows and doors. The Fittings for aluminum or wooden window and Doors are made according to European Standard C profile for Aluminum windows or U profile for Wooden windows

Furthermore, STAFORCE is a partner that offers as complete range of service as possible: from simple production in accordance with order to innovation in product development. Through years of efforts to meet and exceed customer expectation by improving the service criteria namely by delivering customers the right quality products and service at right time, STAFORCE successfully attracted more and more customers both from European and main land China.

The STAFORCE concept stands for an organization with highly engaged employees, who turn technologies and know-hows into high-end products. Inspired by the air of open and fair working atmosphere inside the organization, enjoyed by the confortable working environment ,Our Employees are motived to work in a very dynamic and Flexible way to help our customers to achieve their goal on quality, cost and delivery. 

 Within a traditional business, STAFORCE tries to combine our own technical competence together with client orientated value innovation to enable us to create value through the means of product innovations and production efficiency improving. In order to achieve this target, we always listen carefully to the customers and we continuously educate our employees that to learn customer’s needs is the foundation of our operation. 

There are some elements that all STAFORCE people treasures most, such as: top-level products through product innovation, high production efficiency, guaranteed quality and transparent communication.  Armed with these basic values as an asset, STAFORCE has achieved a remarkable operational excellence which benefits customers both in terms of quality and cost, and in return customers have rewarded STAFORCE a profitable growth. 

STAFORCE takes care of its share-holders, its employees and business partners by sharing the benefit of its growth.