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Side Hung System

Product Description :

1, the Side hung system is the invention of STAFORCE concealed hinge , which fits for standard Euro profile of Aluminum Windows/Doors . it is very durable in terms of times of operation and weather resistance. The operation is very smooth and comfortable. Sash can be stopped at any position by just a turning handle to locking position.

2, Air pressure and airtightness performance is excellent . reaches CE 5.

3, Adjustment in Height is +/- 2mm, in Horizontal direction +/-1.5mm . precision of Air tightness is +/- 0.3mm.

4, Gear box is made of steel with corrosion resistant surface Finish. Compared to Zinc alloy, it avoided the problem of embrittlement after years of using.

5, Strikers and receiver reaches RC 2. Material is SS 304 .

6, Configurations varied from Concealed Console Handle and Handle with Console.

7, As the Friction brake controlled the sash being from swings against the hinges. It improved the safety of window under windy weather.

Technical Dat:

1, Loading capacity is 80 KG , the sash size can be chosen according to below chart .

2, Testing : Life Cycle testing according to EN1191 , 25000 cycles with 80 KG loading . Weather Resistance Testing according to ISO 9227 720 hours MSST. Judged by ISO 10289 grade 10. CCT 240 hours according to ASTM G85 -A5. QUV test according to AAMA 624

3, Designed life of the system is 35years , with a Warranty of 10 years.

4, operation angle : 90 degree.

5, Configuration of gear box : Back Set 10,12.5,15,20,25,30,35mm

6, Configuration of Handle : Concealed Console Handle and Handle with Console.

7, Friction Force : 30 KG

Side Hung System :