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Top Guide System

Top Hung Projecting Hinge is one of the products of VALIFORCE Series. It is a sophisticated design which balancing the change of gravity is adapted into the hinge construction. in another word, the Sash can stay by itself at any angle when opening from 0-30 Degree. It is not necessary to add the friction stay device to balance the Change of Gravity. With the unique design, the opening and closing force is less than 5KG even with a large size of window.

Product Description:

1, Stay at any angle without needing to add extra friction supporter.

2, 80 KG of loading , safe guarded by drop testing, i.e. taking away one hinges and let one hinge alone to hold the sash after push out the sash .

3, Horizontal adjustment +/-3mm , Height Adjustment +/-2mm.

4, Excellent corrosion resistant capability. NSST 720 hours according to ISO 9227.

5, Friction is adjustable .

6, fully engagement of fittings and profile. The guide rail and back plate are inserted into profile. Then it is tightened by clamping, instead of self-tapping screw. This is why the hinges improve the safety of sash.

7, Air pressure and airtightness reaches CE 5.

8, Designed life is 35 years.

Installation and Parameter

1,It can be adapted into standard Euro profile .

2,The height of Sash is higher than 400 mm.

3,The different Height of sash fits for special module of hinges . we have option of M1 and M2.

4,The max weight of the sash is not more than 80KG .

Top Guide Fittings :